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strait. the label embodies the island woman. She who shares a deep connection with nature - admiring and enjoying its beauty in its simplest form, LIVING A LIFE BY HER VALUES.

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Picture of Tropics Clay One piecePicture of Tropics Clay One piece

Tropics Clay One piece

Picture of Tropics Fig One PiecePicture of Tropics Fig One Piece

Tropics Fig One Piece

Picture of Tropics Hibiscus One piecePicture of Tropics Hibiscus One piece

Tropics Hibiscus One piece

Picture of Tropics Palm One piecePicture of Tropics Palm One piece

Tropics Palm One piece

Picture of Tropics Sunkissed One piecePicture of Tropics Sunkissed One piece

Tropics Sunkissed One piece

Picture of Tropics Bougainvillea One PiecePicture of Tropics Bougainvillea One Piece

Tropics Bougainvillea One Piece