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strait. the label embodies the island woman. She who shares a deep connection with nature - admiring and enjoying its beauty in its simplest form, LIVING A LIFE BY HER VALUES.

Strait. The Label embodies the island woman, she who shares a deep connection with nature, admiring and enjoying its beauty in its simplest, yet richest form.

Strait. The Label is an island lifestyle brand created, designed and powered by island women. For all women, wherever they may be in the world.



noun: strait; plural noun: straits

a narrow passage of water connecting two seas or two other large areas of water.

At the heart of Strait. The Label is an affinity with land, sea and culture.

Each collection captures the true essence of island life.

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Strait. State of Mind

A state of contentment & pure bliss

Acute appreciation for natural elements and everything nature has to offer. Being truly humbled by the sheer beauty and power of the sand, sea, sun and scenery in a way that only a true islander knows.


A moment of reflection, inner calm and clarity. Feeling present in the moment. A multi-sensory experience where all senses are heightened.

energy, optimism and gratitude

Often experienced in active celebration in the form of cultural dance, traditional dress-making etc.

A feeling of belonging

Being part of something greater, a community, united by common values & beliefs.

Flowing like the tides. Fused to land, sea and each other. Creating without borders. We are Strait.

Alyssa Mills

Founder and Creative Director

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With deep ties to the Torres Strait and its people, Alyssa is forever joined to them through her husband Patty. Her deep respect, connection and love for Torres Strait Islanders is truly the heartbeat behind the brand and what drives her to not only share the beauty of creating but also champion the stories that deserve to be told. She is passionate about giving back to the cultures that the Strait team connects to and highlighting inspiring women around the world.

Malia Murphey

Art Director, Designer

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Malia is a model, surfer, business owner and creative from Hawai'i, who is gifted in bringing a vision and a feeling to life. She oversees the creative direction, marketing, events and product designs at Strait. Using her ability to conceptualize and flesh out a concept from beginning to end she brings the brand aesthetic to life through campaign and content shoots.

Nicky Fletcher

Head Designer, Social Media Manager

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Nicky is a Hawaii born designer and model. She loves fashion, the ocean, short boarding and creating. Nicky oversees all designs, patterns, fabric, and fit for every collection along with managing the brands social media. Her eye for detail, understanding of what island girls truly want to wear and impeccable taste make her an invaluable part of Strait.

Ariana McNamara

Brand Manager, Creative Producer

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Ari is a child of the pacific, with a love that stretches from land to sea. Her creative flair shines brightly as she assumes the role of both producer and visionary in brand content, campaigns and presence, where she breathes life into our story with every carefully selected prop and meticulously planned details.

Malia Mitchell

Marketing Manager, Fulfillment

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Malia gravitates towards the ocean's embrace, finding solace and adventure in Mother Nature and her island home, Hawai'i. With a natural affinity for marketing, she intricately weaves our brands relatability into every facet of user experience across all platforms. From handling customer service to managing fulfillment and operations, Malia epitomizes the heart and soul of our brands authentic connection with its audience.


Introducing our 'Rooted' collection, a timeless reflection of our brand's essence and connection to nature. In a world that moves swiftly, 'Rooted' serves as a gentle reminder to stay true to ourselves and our origins, grounded in the embrace of Mother Nature. With staple colorway's and pieces, this collection celebrates the beauty and simplicity of everyday island life.

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