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strait. the label embodies the island woman. She who shares a deep connection with nature - admiring and enjoying its beauty in its simplest form, LIVING A LIFE BY HER VALUES.


Emerald fern covered peaks, shrouded in mist, rise up from the sea.

Crystal water slips like silk over your body as you submerge, enveloped in its embrace.

Salt dries in glowing white flakes on your skin as the sun shows its full power.

The scent of fragrant tropical blooms carried on the trade winds transform even the simplest of moments to poetic. Every sense is satiated and slowing to become present in this bliss.


Here you are connected to your breath, your soul, your essence. Here your heart beats in time with the soft waves bathing the sand- melodic, peaceful and washed afresh with each surge. Here your sounding board is the sea, the land your warm embrace, and its people your roots. Here you are unhurried and unhindered. Here you are truly free.

Welcome to Isle.

ISLE is an invitation, a window into the essence of our island way of life. It’s an escape into blurred timelines, bare feet and untethered dreams. It beckons you from your every day into a mindset without limits.

Each piece reflects the beauty that surrounds us. From bold red hibiscus to earthy palms, our prints, colors and textures mirror the splendor of the pacific and its mystique. This is the palpable feeling every time you slip into Strait. Timeless, effortless everyday art for your journey. A reminder of the power, presence and unbound possibility you embody.