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strait. the label embodies the island woman. She who shares a deep connection with nature - admiring and enjoying its beauty in its simplest form, LIVING A LIFE BY HER VALUES.

Strait Artists: Rava Ray

Meet Rava Ray. Rava is a half-American and half-Tahitian artist currently living in Moorea, Tahiti, where she raises her two children on coconuts and sunshine. Rava has always been an artist, making beaded bracelets when she was little and creating dance costumes out of leaves and flowers when she became a Tahitian dancer.

Rava says, "Art was how I filled my spare time. I love long-boarding and Tahitian dance. I also love to sing and play the guitar."

Artist Q&A

Who or what inspires your creative work the most?

Nature inspires my work the most. I like to contemplate how shells grow, how plants communicate. I even build fantasy stories around those types of questions and then portray them in my art.

Are there specific artists, movements, or experiences that influence your art?

I’m always in awe of how disciplined and perseverant Japanese artists are. I’m always humbled when I think of their culture.

What are your favorite mediums to work with, and why?

My favorite medium to work with is shells. I find them already mesmerizing. I just want to find a way to pay homage to them in my art. Plus, I love the experience of foraging for them.

Do you enjoy experimenting with different materials in your art?

Though shells are my favorite. I primarily work with fabric to create Tahitian tifaifai blankets.

Do you have any creative rituals or routines that help you get into the artistic mindset?

I like to sit with my materials and let them tell me what they want to become.

Is there a particular environment you find most conducive to your creative process?

For me, the perfect environment is when I am alone and when I have no time limit. Having to put works in progress on pause over and over again is frustrating for me.

Can you share a memorable moment or milestone in your artistic journey?

When I lived in New York City, I was lucky enough to work for Vera Wang for a bit. That experience gave me lots of insight into how an artistic business is run.

How has your style or approach evolved over time?

I started out making art experimentally, mostly for myself. Now I think a lot about balancing my artistic vision with trends so that a piece of art can ultimately sell.

If you could work on any art project, without limitations, what would it be?

I would love to try and recreate my own "Hawaiian" hair necklace one day. Even more powerful if I can use my own hair and pass it on to my children.

Are there specific themes or concepts you've always wanted to explore?

I've always wanted to explore natural fabric dyeing. That, and murals.

How do you find balance and inspiration in your life beyond your creative pursuits?

I make sure my body is healthy.

Do you have a favorite piece of artwork you've created? If so, what makes it special to you?

My favorite piece is a necklace I made for my children out of cone shells. I spent many years collecting the shells on Tahiti and Moorea before being able to put a necklace together for them.

Is there a particular project or collaboration that stands out as a highlight in your career?

I made a jabot out of shells for Ruth Bader Ginsberg. That was an accomplishment for me.

What are your artistic goals for the future?

I hope to gain more big budget commissioned work so I can really unveil my artistic potential.

Are there specific achievements or milestones you hope to reach?

I'd love to have a piece be displayed on the red carpet. Share a fun or quirky fact about yourself that people might not know. I have a pastry degree and I’m a PADI dive master.

What does strait. state of mind mean to you?

It means to slow down and take care of our island the way it takes care of us.

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